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Boost your earnings with our technology to deliver the best matched ad for your audience.
Use our rocket science technology to get linked with premium advertisers to quickly maximize your results.

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FeaturesWhat's under the hood?

We’ve created the fastest and most convenient technology to help you easily increase your earnings and manage your sites so you can focus on what’s important to you.

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Real Time Reporting (RTR)

The RTR tool enables you to see your earnings in real time


Smart Control Panel

Simple, fast and easy to use. No tech knowledge needed.


Custom Reporting

Get a daily report by Email, Push notifications, Slack Channel or Telegram.


Custom Formats

Customize the colors and viewability of the ads to match your site style


Machine Learning

We've created a rocket science Algorithm to gets the best offers for your traffic


Multiple AD Formats

Banner, Interstitia, Pop Ups, Pop Under, Video

Super Fast Setup Use only one tag for all your sites.


Domain Detection

Our Algorithm automatically detects the site and target and will show the best matching ads.



Use only one tag for all your sites. We will do the rest.


Advanced Setup

Customize the display by hours and sections to show differents ad formats.